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Traditional & Green Skills Event 2020

posted Jan 3, 2020, 12:48 PM by George Adams   [ updated Jan 23, 2020, 1:59 PM ]
Saturday, March 14, 2020
8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Prairie Farm High School, 630 River Ave. S. Prairie Farm
No need to pre-register, just pay at the door.

We are working on the class schedule. A draft list of class can be found below.

You could help support the 10th annual Traditional & Green Skills by becoming a sponsor! This event brings our community together in meaningful ways and helps to move us in a direction of local sustainability. Your financial support helps to minimize attendance fees and supports our community.

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2020 Class Listings

Extending the Growing Season

Classroom: English Session:1
Instructor: Maggie Sheehan & Ben Olson
Seed starting, hardy perennials and frost protection in the field and greenhouse

Search and Rescue

Classroom: History Session:1
Instructor: Jan Thompson
What does it take to work a dog in Search and Rescue/Recovery? It begins with the human. Points to consider when responding as a civilian to mass callouts by Law Enforcement.

Livestock Identification and Record Keeping

Classroom: Math Session:1
Instructor: Allysse Sorensen
When you walk into your barn you know your animals by sight. But in 2020 there are not only interesting technological advancements but possibly required identification of your herd. We'll look at over 10 forms of identification, including demonstration of an RFID reader. We'll review the best record keeping apps and why having these systems improves our relationships with our animals, our veterinarian, and our buyers.

Qigong, Movement for Health

Classroom: Art Session:1
Instructor: Mark Stuber
Slow,coordinated movement exercises for better energy, circulation, balance and relaxation

Tortilla Making

Classroom: FCE Session:1
Instructor: Andy Gaertner
Using Home Grown Dry Corn to Make Tortillas and Other Foods

Tool Sharpening

Classroom: Shop Session:1
Instructor: Jon Anderson
Learn to sharpen tools such as knives, axes, and auger bits using traditional methods. These same techniques can be applied to scissors and lawn mower blades.

Hard Cider and Vinegars

Classroom: Tech Ed Classroom Session:1
Instructor: Anton Ptak

Using Life's Manure for Spiritual Growth

Classroom: English Session:2
Instructor: John Samuelson
Just as a flower transforms manure into a blossom, you can learn through love and nurturing, to grow, be happier and more content using difficult and even painful experiences.

Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Classroom: History Session:2
Instructor: Annemarie McClellan & Jane Pedersen
The League of Women Voters – Greater Chippewa Valley pays tribute to the brave and determined suffragists of Wisconsin who were leaders during the long struggle to give women the right to vote. Key moments of the suffrage movement will be discussed, along with the women who contributed to making those events happen. The presentation will be followed with a brief review of sources of information valuable to voters.

Creating a home while minimizing expenses

Classroom: Math Session:2
Instructor: Brenda Falk & LouAnn Binsfeld
Downsizing to a camper to save while building home ourselves, using repurposed materials

Edible Yard and Garden Weeds

Classroom: Art Session:2
Instructor: Sam Thayer
Many of the weeds you've been pulling and mowing for years are actually excellent, nutritious vegetables. Find out which ones, and how to identify and use them.

Raising & Keeping a Family Cow

Classroom: FCE Session:2
Instructor: Isaiah Grinder
Raising from a heifer to milk cow- the how's and why's, as well as the ins and outs of small equipment.

Chainsaw Basics For Beginners

Classroom: Shop Session:2
Instructor: Chris Koszalka
Geared toward people who have never used a chainsaw. Focus on safety, basic felling cuts, and the basics of cutting up a tree that is down. Weather permitting, part of the class will be outdoors with a gas saw. An electric saw will be used indoors to demonstrate indoors if the weather is not good. Bring eye, ear and hand protection if you would like to operate a saw.

Longbow Making

Classroom: Tech Ed Classroom Session:2
Instructor: Perry Anderson

Tool Library/Library of Things discussion

Classroom: English Session:3
Instructor: George Adams
Explanation of what these are with examples and road map of how to get one set up in our area

More Sustainable Lifestyle

Classroom: History Session:3
Instructor: Douglas Owens-Pike
A variety of suggestions for a more sustainable lifestyle, presentation can be tailored to thr attendees.

Using Goats and Other Green Methods to Manage Invasive Buckthorn

Classroom: Math Session:3
Instructor: Allysse Sorensen
European buckthorn may be hurting your crops, native plants, and song birds. In this session you will learn how to identify buckthorn and other invasive plant species as well as learn techniques for managing them. We will discuss using livestock and other green methods to get it under control whether you have a backyard or 40 acres under attack.

Barn Quilts of Wisconsin, Resources and How to

Classroom: Art Session:3
Instructor: Mary Kolstad
BJ Barn Quilts

Foraged Foods in Winter

Classroom: FCE Session:3
Instructor: Alan Bergo
The Forager Chef

Chainsaw Basics and Beyond

Classroom: Shop Session:3
Instructor: Chris Koszalka
Geared toward those who took the Basics class and wish to learn more, or those who already have experience, but wish to go further. You can bring your own saw to use outside, weather permitting. Or, indoors if saws are electric. Please share your experience! Bring safety equipment, including your own chaps if you have them, if you wish to run a saw.

Growing Industrial Hemp, Opportunities & Challenges

Classroom: Tech Ed Classroom Session:3
Instructor: Jerry Clark

Show and Tell

Classroom: English Session:4
Instructor: Burnell Martin & George Adams

Identification of Wild Mushrooms

Classroom: History Session:4
Instructor: Tavis Lynch
Learn the basics of mushroom identification. Enjoy a free meal and keep yourself alive!

Go Solar! Solar Basics for Residential & Commercial Sites

Classroom: Math Session:4
Instructor: Jared Schroeder
Solar Basics for Residential & Commercial Sites

Amish Traditions/Living

Classroom: Art Session:4
Instructor: John Miller & Willis Mast
Amish presenter discusses the Amish lifestyle, skills and traditions

Food Preservation Round Table

Classroom: FCE Session:4
Instructor: Patty Wright
Come share your favorite methods of food preservation and discover innovative methods from others! Bring samples of your favorite creations and descriptions of your best techniques. Round table convener Patty Wright will facilitate the discussion (and bring some herb salts and ideas for freezing herb combinations) but the content will depend on the people in the room. This workshop will be a great chance to learn from each other and get lots of new ideas!

Bee Box Construction

Classroom: Shop Session:4
Instructor: Jeff Junkans

Reimagine Winter Comfort: make your own hat, mittens, footwear, coat, leggings, gaiters.

Classroom: Tech Ed Classroom Session:4
Instructor: Kurt Buetow
Be willing to look ridiculous because with Arctic Vogue if you’re warm you’re cool. Give up your cultural bias and cut your cloth on the bias. This is a chance to look at and understand proven designs and patterns, if you want to bring a scissors and paper to make patterns for hat mitten or shoe

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