Local Directory

Bruce Aubart

503 3rd Ave N

Dallas WI 54743



Every type & nationality of flags, parts and labor to fix flagpoles. New flagpoles & installation. Priced by the job, not hourly.

By Gayle

Gayle Adams

N14397 380th Street

Ridgeland, WI 54763



- Artwork By Gayle includes painting in acrylics, water colors and drawing in graphite or ink, separately or in a blend of different mediums. Current work includes landscapes, seascapes, old cars and animals, especially horses and dogs. Some artwork is available in print form. Custom work is also available. 

Comfort Curves Seat Saver Cushions are nicely fitted, sturdy cushions which attach securely and are used to decrease soreness and discomfort. Styles available are motorcycle driver and passenger, bicycle, Western saddle, long Western/Australian saddle and English saddle. The cushions are constructed of synthetic materials and are washable. They are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Custom colors and sizes are available.

A hands free sport pack that may be used either as a back pack or a shoulder bag simply by pulling the straps in a different direction. The straps have additional length for wear over bulky garments that is simple to adjust. Packs have an outside pocket for phone, a key clip and inner pockets. It is fully lined. This is a small pack measuring 14" x 12". The back pack works well for bicycle riding, motorcycle riding horse back riding and other activities where you need both hands. It keeps your ID on your body should you have an accident or get separated from your horse on a trail ride. The pack is available in several different fabrics and different linings. All are machine washable. 


Bruce Berg

E5955 County Rd W

Ridgeland WI 54763

715 949-1857

715 308-3928


- Organic chicken eggs. Primarily sold through Menomonie Coop Market.

- Portable sawmill logs to lumber at affordable rates.

Bifrost Farms

Meg Wittenmyer

E2062 930th Ave

Boyceville, WI



Bifrost Farms is a whole dog wellness center offering boarding, behavior modification, and premium pet foods for dogs and cats.  

Other services include certified canine acupressure and massage therapy, essential oil and flower essences for pets workshops and canine nutritional coaching.


Bill's Refrigeration, Air Conditioning 

& Heating

Bill Haub

E4944 1250th Ave

Wheeler, WI 54772

715 949-1777

Installing and repairing heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration.

Solar electric and solar hot water systems.

Century21 Premier Group

Lee Theorin

E2433  1370th Ave.

Boyceville, WI 54725


Cell: 715-781-3730 


Offering complete Listing and Buyer's Agency services in the local area. I use my knowledge of properties and property values in this area, and Western Wisconsin in general, to help people locate communities that suit their needs. 

My background in construction also enables me to assist buyers and sellers in assessing and managing the condition of their property.


Cloverleaf Carpentry

Paul Fischer

452 7th Ave

Clayton WI 54004

612 702-1043

I enjoy using a variety locally harvested lumber and reclaimed materials to build or repair what you need. Skilled and equipped to accomplish a wide variety of projects, including furniture built to suit your space and needs. Open to bartering!


Dancing Oak Farm

Jim Hare

592 7 1/2 St.

Prairie Farm WI 54762

715 455-1757

Local source of naturally grown, grass-fed beef. We use a grazing strategy that keeps the steers moving to new, green pastures every few days to keep them growing at a steady pace. The grass provides all the nutrients needed to develop good, tender muscle structure. There is evidence that grass fed beef has more omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritionally beneficial characteristics… and properly grass-fed beef tastes best.


Hay River Pumpkin Seed Oil

Ken Seguine & Jay Gilbertson

(715) 455-1679

The first pumpkin seed oil made in America is produced right here in Prairie Farm. 


Hay River Software LLC

George Adams

N14397 380th St.

Ridgeland WI 54763

715 455-1652


Computer software, web site creation, database work in MS SQL, FileMaker, MySQL


Helms Sugar Shack

Mahlon & Amber Helms

33 East Euclid Ave.

Barron, WI 54812

715-637-7883  home

715-418-0929  cell


Pure local maple syrup produced in a licensed and inspected facility. Quanity discounts, pints, quarts, 1/2 gallons, and gallons available. We also sell bulk syrup during the season at a reduced price. Please call or email orders ahead if possible.

Jan Erdman 

Menomonie WI


Socks knitted on a vintage 1904 hand cranked sock knitting machine.  Wool/ nylon blend yarn. Can be custom sized. Sell for $20.00-$30.00 per pair. Comfortable and long wearing.

Keppers Pottery & Produce

235U.S. Hwy 8 W

Turtle Lake, WI 54889 -9110

715 986 4322


Pottery, produce(vegetables and fruit), maple syrup, honey, handwoven goods, pork(1/2 or whole), eggs, shekeries


LTD Farm "living the dream"

Andrew French & Khaiti Kahleck 

454 4 1/2 ave

clayton, wi  54004

At LTD Farm, we run a small scale diversified CSA. Our farm philosophy is based on permaculture methods. We offer on-farm workshops for homesteading skills, fresh duck eggs, kid goats, really free range turkeys and chickens, vegetables, fruits, and a few very special pigs. This is an amazing community and region and we are excited to be a part of it. Food production and self sufficiency skills are 2 of the most important things when thinking of community resilience.


Milk & Honey Acres

Richard Koehn

737 15th Avenue

Almena, WI 54805


Producer of Pure Local Honey.  Many colonies situated on Organic farms.  Marked in bulk and health food stores of Barron County.  Look for "Milk & Honey Acres" label.  On farm and bulk sales by appointment.

Opportunity Farm

Nancy Frank

E3602 1450th Avenue

Ridgeland, WI  54763


- Grassfed Dexter beef, extremely lean and delicious. Dexters are an Irish heritage variety of cattle known for both beef and milk production. They are the perfect size for a smaller acreage family cow, giving 1-2 gallons of milk per day, enough to provide for milk, yogurt, cheese and butter for a family with a little left over. Currently have beef for sale by quarter (approximately 60-75 pounds) or 10# sampler packages, but may have heifer calves available in spring.

- Private, in-home sessions for standard dog training or behavior problem solving. Work with any breed. Would arrange a community class if enough interest is expressed.

- Wool for spinning - sheep and llama

Cleaned and carded 8 oz. rovings of wool ready for the spinning wheel.  Many are 70% llama and 30% sheep, which is a prime blend for spinners.  Soft llama wool combined with sheep for fiber memory.  Also 100% rovings of each.  Variety of all natural colors including chocolate brown, auburn, black, taupe, grey tweed and white.

Peace of Spirit 4 U

Lynn M Berg

N13018 688th St

Ridgeland, WI  54763  



Registered named and /or NOID African Violet starter plants for sale, trade and/or fun. Inquire with questions.  It's a healthy addiction!

Purely Natural Health Store

Barb Gerhardt CNHP, MH

2417 110th Ave

Woodville WI 54028



I practice natural healing, sell; liquid herbs, powder herbs, Bach flower remedies, vitamins, bulk tea.

I have studied Acupuncture, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Healing Touch, Herbs, Bach Flowers, enzymes, vitamins and nutrition as well as everything that goes with the acupuncture and naturopathy.


Ridge End Repair

Bruce Berg

E5955 County Rd W

Ridgeland WI 54763

715 949-1857

715 308-3928


Auto and truck repair and maintenance. 35 years experience, affordable hourly rates.

Sandve Woodworking

683 15 1/2 St

Hillsdale, WI  54733

business:  715-418-0976

home:  715-837-1458


Insured state licensed contractor. EPA certified lead-free renovator. Sub-contractor with the first LEED (Leadership Energy Efficient Design) home in WI, by Clayton.  Specialty work in custom trim, kitchen remodels, additions, decks, patios, hardwood floors, tile floors, energy saving building projects, basic building projects. 30 yrs experience.      

Sangdalen Farm

Steve and Mary Ann Boe

E1341  1410th Ave

Prairie Farm



Katahdin Sheep

Lamb - 100% grass fed. Rotationally grazed. Lovingly raised. No chemicals. 

Breeding stock available occasionally.


SoulBody Massage

Jeanne Lecher

Two locations:

- Magic Scissors 920 Newton St., Baldwin WI

- Family Chirocare  144 Oak St.,Glenwood City WI

651-338-9813 jeanne_lynn@dishup.us

A SoulBody massage is a personal experience of discovery, bringing awareness to the areas of the body where stress is held and energy is constricted. Awareness of the stress, brings understanding that the stress exists and creates the possibility for the area to expand and open to a new way of movement. 

Theorin Construction Services

Lee Theorin

E2433  1370th Ave.

Boyceville, WI 54725


cell: 715-781-3730 


Over 30 years of experience offering complete construction services including new homes, outbuildings, remodeling, siding, windows, and interior finishing work. We strive to create efficiency for you, both economically and environmentally. Visit Lee Theorin Real Estate and Construction on Facebook