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handmade & durable goods

Bruce Aubart

503 3rd Ave N

Dallas WI 54743



Every type & nationality of flags, parts and labor to fix flagpoles. New flagpoles & installation. Priced by the job, not hourly.

By Gayle

Gayle Adams

N14397 380th Street

Ridgeland, WI 54763



Comfort Curves Seat Saver Cushions are nicely fitted, sturdy cushions which attach securely and are used to decrease soreness and discomfort. Styles available are motorcycle driver and passenger, bicycle, Western saddle, long Western/Australian saddle and English saddle. The cushions are constructed of synthetic materials and are washable. They are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Custom colors and sizes are available.

A hands free sport pack that may be used either as a back pack or a shoulder bag simply by pulling the straps in a different direction. The straps have additional length for wear over bulky garments that is simple to adjust. Packs have an outside pocket for phone, a key clip and inner pockets. It is fully lined. This is a small pack measuring 14" x 12". The back pack works well for bicycle riding, motorcycle riding horse back riding and other activities where you need both hands. It keeps your ID on your body should you have an accident or get separated from your horse on a trail ride. The pack is available in several different fabrics and different linings. All are machine washable. 


Cloverleaf Carpentry

Paul Fischer

452 7th Ave

Clayton WI 54004

612 702-1043

Furniture built to suit your space and needs. Skilled and equipped to accomplish a wide variety of projects. Open to bartering!


Jan Erdman 

Menomonie WI


Socks knitted on a vintage 1904 hand cranked sock knitting machine.  Wool/ nylon blend yarn. Can be custom sized. Sell for $20.00-$30.00 per pair. Comfortable and long wearing.

Keppers Pottery & Produce

235U.S. Hwy 8 W

Turtle Lake, WI 54889 -9110

715 986 4322


Pottery, handwoven goods, shekeries