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Barb Gerhardt CNHP, MH

Purely Natural Health Store

2417 110th Ave

Woodville WI 54028



I practice natural healing, sell; liquid herbs, powder herbs, Bach flower remedies, vitamins, bulk tea.

I have studied Acupuncture, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Healing Touch, Herbs, Bach Flowers, enzymes, vitamins and nutrition as well as everything that goes with the acupuncture and naturopathy.


SoulBody Massage

Jeanne Lecher

Two locations:

- Magic Scissors 920 Newton St., Baldwin WI

- Family Chirocare  144 Oak St.,Glenwood City WI

651-338-9813 jeanne_lynn@dishup.us

A SoulBody massage is a personal experience of discovery, bringing awareness to the areas of the body where stress is held and energy is constricted. Awareness of the stress, brings understanding that the stress exists and creates the possibility for the area to expand and open to a new way of movement.