Canning Lending Library

Post date: Jul 03, 2015 10:0:45 PM

Located At:

411 Bluff Avenue S., Prairie Farm

Available 24/7

  • Water bath and Pressure Canners available

  • Each canner comes with jar lifter, magnet lid wand, funnel & rack

  • Regular & Wide Mouth lids available for small donation fee

  • FREE jar bands and jars (limited availability)

How It Works: Canners are available on first come-first serve basis. You can check out a canner for seven days, simply write your name and contact information on the calendar located next to the canner library shelf. Access to the canning lending library is available 24/7, we’ll leave a light on for you! Just need lids? Stop by and get what you need—regular mouth lids @ $1/box and wide mouth lids at $2/box. Lid fee payable by the honor system, just place your payment into the donation can provided. There is a limited amount of jar bands and free mason jars available—check the bottom shelf for jars. Pressure canner is checked by UW-Extension annually to ensure that the seal ring and pressure gauge are accurate and safe for home use.