A few Transition Initiative Concepts

Post date: Apr 14, 2010 8:29:25 PM

By harnessing the collective genius of our community members and through principals such as reskilling, open space meetings,and relocalization, we will be a more resilient, vibrant and sustainable community.


How can we provide for more of our needs right within our community? By planning for transition, can we create local jobs? Shop in town? Hire locally for services? Some Transition Towns have started community gardens, created ride share programs and are making plans to generate their own electricity. Transition Town Totnes even printed their own money, the Totnes pound, which is accepted at all local businesses and keeps their money circulating locally. What goes around comes around,what goes out is gone.


Our grandparents knew. They knew how to make things and fix things. They knew that you don’t buy things you can’t afford with credit cards. They survived a depression, a world war, a dust bowl. They knew how to make do, mend and get by. We have forgotten many of our basic skills for living. Most of us would be in real trouble if we had any kind of an outage. How long can you manage without your refrigerator, your phone, your toilet, your grocery store? Many of our “conveniences” can be interrupted for a few hours or days or weeks-either unintentionally,intentionally, or through shifting resources. Transition Initiatives organize events and workshops to teach and share what we know, and what we need to learn. Most of it is really fun!


Having more than one way to take care of something makes us stronger. Having more jobs available locally means we are more resilient to unemployment. Having a back yard garden makes us more resilient to rising food prices. Transition Initiatives strengthen our community by adding flexibility.


The goal of a Transition Town is to collectively draw a vision of our community in the future and build a plan to get there. Backcasting is a transition tool that uses our creativity. We think about where we want to be in the future and start making plans to get there. We connect the dots. We don’t always get where we think we are going… sometimes we get some place better!