Dairy Days

Plans are underway for HRTI’s part of Prairie Farm’s Dairy Days celebration on the weekend of July 10 and 11. On July 11 we are hosting a Community Conservation Carnival. We would love help with this. Please email Kate Stout (kate@hayriverti.org) if you like to lend a hand and become part of the excitement. So far we have the following possible events:


Barron County’s Recycling demonstration board

Exel Energy

UW extension- composting

Badger solid waste

Solar shower

Solar dehydrator

HRTI table with sign ups for community list-serve, group nut tree order, green living class etc.

Chicken tractor

Barron Electric


Watershed model

Ground water model

Solar ovens baking cookies

Energy meter measuring the energy use of different appliances

Bicycle powered light bulb

Information Maze – walk through a maze with questions about the environment, energy use and more. Score your points

Demonstration Tent:

History of PF followed by tour of PF on a horse drawn hayride

Cooking local foods

Dunn County Solid Waste – presentation on recycling etc.

Making worm composting buckets

Garden club presentation

Suggestions anyone?


Beth Huber’s booth

HRTI – Ping Pong ball toss for gold fish

It promises to be a fun day of sharing information and community building!