Reskilling is learning sustainable and practical survival skills that were used by previous generations to provide the basic necessities of life. It is our hope that reskilling not only teach valuable skills but also provide an opportunity for connecting within the community and the earth.  

Initial plans to accomplish these goals include:
1) Conduct a community survey to identify knowledgeable individuals who are willing to share their skills and create an easily accessible directory of this information; 
2) Set up workshops/classes where various skills are taught.  The location of such classes could be done at people's homes or through community education or at field trips.
3) Create an inventory of who has products to sell
4) Identify job possibilities and grant writers related to reskilling

Reskilling ideas generated during the first meeting fall mostly under the category of subsistence.  This list will be expanded and refined in the future. 

Initial Ideas
growing fruit/vegetables
seed saving
food preservation and storage   
raising livestock
orchard pruning
chicken butchering - mobile unit or rent?
wild food gathering
cheese making
pottery making
building smoke house
building an ice house
building simple structures 
hide tanning
leather and cloth sewing
shared equipment center
hands-on building equipment

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Eileen Bartschenfeld taught canning 
at United Lutheran in Prairie Farm