Registration is now open for 2022 Traditonal & Green Skills Workshops! Didn't register? Come anyway!

Let’s imagine a world in which much of our food comes from our own gardens, nearby farms, or the fields and woods around us. A world in which children and adults alike can learn life skills from their neighbors, and where we each bring our strengths to the table to raise the community up. That’s what the organizers of Traditional and Green Skills (TGS) have in mind. This year will mark the 10th year of TGS workshops, led by local volunteers, on a wide range of topics helpful for building a resilient community.

COVID forced the cancellation of TGS for the past two springs. Up until that point, the annual event had been a day-long affair held mostly indoors at the Prairie Farm school, and typically attracted around 300 attendees. TGS organizers are all volunteers, and this year they are George Adams, Anna Brown, Jess Fischer, Nancy Frank, Suzanne Gaines, and Douglas Owens-Pike. To be sure that the event could survive whatever the pandemic throws our way, and to keep our community as healthy as possible, organizers decided to hold this year’s workshops outdoors, and at different times/locations throughout the region. They will be held on Saturdays, from the end of May through the end of August.

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