Everything Gardens - Fermented foods

Post date: Nov 07, 2012 9:52:0 PM

The public is invited to a free fermenting class Wednesday evening, November 14, at the Prairie Farm High School Family and Consumer Education room beginning at 7 PM.  Come and learn from experienced fermenters from the area as they share their knowledge of various fermenting techniques. 


You'll hear about the health benefits of eating fermented foods, a process that has been used for preserving food since ancient times.   You'll see a demonstration of sauerkraut being made.   You'll hear about and have the opportunity to taste fermented foods such as kimchi, fermented green beans as well as sauerkraut, and perhaps ginger carrots and Latin American sauerkraut (which is also called Cortido).  If time permits, we'll also learn about seed sprouting which is a fun and healthy way to continue eating from the garden in the off-season.


Hay River Transition Initiative sponsors Everything Gardens classes. Look for future classes to start after the new year begins.  For more information, please contact coordinator Judy Ferber at 715-455-2049 or jferber@chibardun.net  See www.hayriverti.org for information on other HRTI events and activities.  Please note that this class is listed incorrectly as meeting on November 19th on the Community Bulletin Board in the November issue of the Hay River Review.