Weed Control Methods

Post date: Jul 07, 2012 10:18:43 PM

Everything Gardens Presentation

How is your garden growing?  Are you harvesting lots of wonderful veggies?  What is better than cool, crunchy sugar snap peas?  Can't wait for the first tomato! 

With the hot weather, my weeds have been growing at a fevered pace, too.  It isn't easy to keep up with everything, and the weeds sure give you a run for your money!  Help is on the way......

The second in the Everything Gardens presentation series is at the Prairie Farm Village Hall classroom, 115 North River Avenue, Wednesday evening, July 11, beginning at 7 PM.

 Patty Wright will talk about methods of weed control in our gardens.  Patty operates Spring Hill Community Farm (just west of Prairie Farm) along with her husband, Mike Racette.  Check out their website at www.springhill@chibardun.net   On their Community Support Agricultural farm (CSA) they "grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs using a variety of sustainable, soil building practices including crop rotations, cover cropping and mulching.”

 Patty will share some of the methods they use on their farm to keep weeds at bay.  She will bring along some of the tools they use at Spring Hill and have some pictures to show how it all works in their fields.  Patty says, “Come ready to share what works (and what doesn’t) in your garden.  We can all learn from each other!”

 The free event is sponsored by the Hay River Transition Initiative (HRTI).   For more information, please contact Everything Gardens coordinator Judy Ferber at 715-455-2049.  Please watch for future Everything Gardens presentations, usually the second Wednesday of the month.