TellAll Email List

In November of 2017 we moved the TELLALL email list to Google Groups.

To sign up go to!forum/tellall and request to join. 

If you don't have a Google gmail or Google for Business email account just send an email to

In the email include the three things below.

1. Ask to join the TELLALL group. 

2. Let us know the closest town to where you live. 

3. How you heard about the list.

This list is a replacement for the TELLALL list that was hosted on the and later on web site for many years. The TELLALL list includes people in NW Wisconsin including Prairie Farm, Ridgeland, Dallas,  Menomonie, Spring Valley, Glenwood City, Barron and more. 

Use this list to communicate with this local network of more than three hundred family groups. There aren't a lot of rules here but if you do something dumb you will be notified. The main thing is USE IT!


If you post something that is political in nature please include [Political] in the subject line of the email.

Keep it local. National and International issues and politics can be posted elsewhere.

We fully support political action and understand how upsetting world and local events can be to people, but a thorough understanding of the role of electronic communication, its etiquette, and pitfalls is recommended before attempts are made to use this media in inspiring people to action.

The TELLALL email list is administered by the Hay River Transition Initiative.