The Swashbuckler is a trailer filled with supplies to have a green event or party.  Eat off of real dishes and then wash them in the sink. The trailer is grounded.  If you live in the Prairie Farm, Ridgeland or Dallas area and want to use the equipment, contact 

Sam and Jennifer Dodge

Prairie Farm WI Area


or email at frogtoad@chibardun.net

Just a friendly reminder....

If you are wanting to borrow these for your event, contact us and get on the calendar as soon as you know the date(s).

There was a trailer that could move them around but, alas, age has made it a permanent fixture here now.  You will need to have room in your vehicle or bring a trailer to transport them to your location and then return them all nice and clean for the next person to use.

Items we've thought that may come in handy, if anyone wishes to donate, could be serving platters, mixing/serving bowls and serving utensils.  There may be other items that would be useful that we just have not thought of yet!

We've taken inventory of what is available and that is below.

1 large water cooler

1 large electric roaster

1 30 cup coffee maker

1 100 cup coffee maker

11 coffee carafe's

105 coffee mugs

82 small plastic cups

33 large plastic cups

114 plastic bowls

200 dinner plates of many sizes and kinds(assortment of china to plastic...lots of Corelle)

18 small plates/saucers(3 sizes)

160 forks

128 spoons

68 table knives

6 medium sized serving spoons

washing station with 2 double sinks

drying rack