Cheap Valve 2

Post date: Nov 11, 2013 5:35:28 PM

Martin Payne on the charcoalgasifiers yahoo group has made a couple of valves for his Motofier. A small motorcycle run by a charcoal gasifier.

Martin has modified the valve I described in a previous post with some improvements. The disk is left flat but is made in a slight ellipse which helps to make a better seal in the pipe. He also used JB Weld to lock the disk to the cotter pin. On the plastic pipe he also added a small washer where the cotter pin is bent to lock it in place. 

This is the end view of two valves.

Outside of the plastic valve. Notice the washer where the cotter pin is bent.

Below is a PDF file from Martin which shows a way to make an ellipse for the disk. I have added another PDF of some ellipses made in Google Sketch Up. These ellipses are either 10% or 20% wider than the circle I started with. 

I have also added the Sketchup file. I know just about nothing about Sketchup and anyone else out there that knows Sketchup can do a better job of this.