Working session four

Post date: Mar 11, 2012 2:53:41 PM

On Wednesday March 7, 2012 we worked for a few hours on the gasifier. Greg made up new spring latches during the week to hold the top and burn tube in place. He also got the tank cleaned up and painted. Bernel made up a straw filter with a plywood center partition in a 5 gallon plastic bucket and added straw. We made adjustments to our piping to connect the filter in-line. We also cut a hole in the air cleaner to accept the flexible plastic tube for the wood gas and made an adaptor to go from the metal piping to the plastic. We also experimented with chunk wood in place of the wood pellets. We jammed the fire tube after tamping the pellets down too hard and ended up with a solid mass of sawdust in the tube. We also tried a bigger opening when trying to test the wood gas to see if it would maintain a flame. We tried out Wayne's hydrogen generator which might be a way to increase the burn-ability of marginally good wood gas when first starting up. Ben showed us pictures of his pickup truck conversion. He doesn't have the gasifier working yet but has an impressive set of cooling tubes, a big filter and piping from the truck box up to the engine. He has gotten a lot done all on his own.

We will be getting together again next Wednesday March  14 at 9:00 AM if you are interested.

Below is a slideshow from last Wednesday.