Straw Bale Construction Class

Post date: Sep 09, 2013 3:51:18 PM

This is not an Hay River Transition event but it does fit in with the sort of reskilling classes we have offered.

Friday, Sept. 20– Sunday, Sept. 22 Solheim Farm, Eleva, WI 

Class participants gain hands-on experience in the barn being built on Solheim Farm, Eleva, WI. From stacking bales to mixing mortars to plastering walls, the steps required to learn straw bale construction will be thoroughly covered. Interspersed class-room discussions explore the fundamentals of straw bale design: what's different about a straw bale building (compared to conventional or other alternative building strategies) and what building codes and architectural requirements are applicable. This course will prepare you to tackle your next sustainable building project.

Check out the PDF for all the details and contact information.