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Original Gasifier Blog This was our first attempt at making a gasifier based on the FEMA design. Don't build one of these

Second Gasifier Blog Our second attempt which created a useable gasifier that can run a generator running on wood chips.

Our charcoal gasifier workshop has not been document but we did construct 10 charcoal gasifiers. If you have any questions about the charcoal design or the wood gasifiers please contact George Adams at 

Our group has built 11 gasifiers. Two wood gasifiers and 7 charcoal gasifiers. The charcoal gasifiers are the easiest to build and run. The workshop we did to build these has not been written up or added to this site. The first gasifier sort of worked but freeze up the engine that it ran for a while. The blog pages can be found here. Gasifier Blog 

We don't recommend this gasifier or the FEMA plans listed below. The second gasifier works better and was documented here. Gasifier Blog 2. Contact me if you are interested in the charcoal gasifier at

A small group of people will be building one or more wood gasification units or the next couple of months. The goal is to build a small gasifier to power a generator and also to build one or more units to power a couple of older vehicles. Wood Gasification burns wood at a fairly low temperature and with less oxygen than needed for complete combustion. The resulting smoke is a combination of these combustable gasses, carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and hydrogen. With the right mixes this gas can run an internal combustion engine.

This is the first active LEG (Local Energy Group). We will be meeting on Saturday February 9, 2012 to decide on the design for the first gasifier. We will also come up with a list of part needed and finalize the location of the shop we will be using for fabrication. We will determine a meeting schedule for this group too.

FEMA published plans for a gasifier in 1989. Many of the plans we are considering are based on this information. Here is a link to a PDF file.

The Village+Stove.pdf file attached below contains some rough diagrams of rocket stove that can be reconfigured as a gasifier, water heater and other devices. These have been built or are being built by the Sustain Jefferson County group.

This PDF has some information on gasification and also pictures of the gasification unit built in 2008 by Sustain Jefferson County, 

A FEMA style gasifier made by Sustain Jefferson County

Second Generation Gasifier (with plans)

Here is a link to the GEK plans and building instructions. This is a fancier design that is constructed from new steel.