Gardening Till-a-Thon

This project worked OK for a couple of years but has been discontinued. 

If you would be interested in volunteering to get this going again please send an email to one of the people on the Contact Us page.

2012 Till-a-Thon 

2011 Till-A-Thon 

Start your engines!  It’s Till-a-Thon time!  Once again, volunteers will be available to come to your home and help get your garden ready for the planting season.  Tilling will start in early May, but may depend on the weather.  A suggested donation of $20 is encouraged, to help our volunteers cover the cost of transportation and gas.  When calling to be added to the list, please have information about the size of the garden space and if it is a new or established garden space.  Additional details may be needed, but anyone is welcome to call for tilling assistance.

For more information about any of the sponsored garden events, please contact Cris Cantin at 715-455-2088 or by email at  See you in the garden!

Are You Interested in Helping to Till?

We could use more tillers, too.