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Post date: Feb 19, 2012 4:53:15 PM

Saturday 2-18-2012

We had our first construction day and got a lot done. We decided on a hybrid design using some of the features from the FEMA plans and some from the Jefferson County Second Generation Gasifier.

We started with a 100 pound propane tank that hadn't aired out nearly enough.

The bottom 4" was cut off of the tank with a Sawzall. 

A 3" hole was cut in the center with a jig saw and a 24" section of 3" pipe was welded on.  This will be inverted and placed in the top of the remainder of the tank.

 A hole was cut in the side of the tank for the 2" pipe nipple that will be the exhaust port for the wood gas. Half of a 6" long 2" pipe nipple was welded to the hole.

We added the three angle iron legs to the inverted remainder of the tank. We have a stainer basket that will hang under the burn tube. 1/2" holes were drilled in the bottom and sides of the strainer. 

Below the slide show is a picture of the Jefferson County Sustain Generation 2 Gasifier. We have most of the right side tank built. We still need to build the cooling tower on the left and add in all the piping. Our system may look a bit different than this one depending on the materials we come up with. The picture should give some idea of what we could use for materials.

We will probably be working again next Saturday. Plans are to hang the strainer, attach and seal the burn tube to the rest of the tank, add an extension tube to the exhaust, add a blower fan and if all goes well fire up the gasifier.

For next week we will need some high temperature silicone sealant, 4 feet of light chain, 10 or more feet of 2" water pipe or exhaust pipe and a blower fan.

If we get far enough to start the filtration and cooling tower we will need a 8" by 5' tube, a number of various 2" pipe nipples and fittings, copper tubing and fittings.