Potential Projects

One or more community members have expressed interest in the following potential projects. If you are interested in helping get the projects off the ground please fill out our email list form and let us know which project(s) attract you.

Household heating using composted biomass

Pellet production for pellet stoves from local materials

Ethanol production for local use.

Community greenhouse for Prairie Farm, Ridgeland, Dallas

Micro loans

Co-Owned vehicles

Directory of locally grown food and locally produced products and services

Going Carbon Negative (Global Warming)

Creating new businesses in the area

Water quality

Web site updating

Grant writing to fund projects

Bulk food buying club

Cluster housing

Local Food, Dairy Coop, buying selling locally (proposed)

Community Greenhouse (proposed)

Baseline Data (proposed)

Community Hub (proposed)

Solar powered refrigeration

Tractor or automobile conversions to battery electric vehicles