Trim Workshop

Lama Yeshe has offered to host the following workshop at 

10am, Saturday August 5, 2023 at no cost.

Title—How to use a table saw to make fancy trim

Description—The molding cutter accessory on a table saw allows you to make trim with a complex profile and more. This gives you the ability to make trim in wood species not readily available or your own wood. You can duplicate a design not commercially available. This workshop will demonstrate how to do this. A set of used Craftsman molding cutters cost $25-35.

Where—Lama Yeshe/John Samuelson’s shop in his barn, 

N14085 Co. Rd. V V, Ridgeland, WI

Ph. 715-949-1407.

Length—1 1/2 hours.

Start time—Saturday 10am

Date—August 5, 2023

The Hay River Transition Initiative is helping to promote this workshop. 

The pictures below show some of his work and the table saw setup.